Pantyhose Posing

I’m on the floor wearing pantyhose and they feel so sexy. Get a close look at the way my legs look in these designer heels as I dangle them. I bet you would love to take my heels off, wouldn’t you. Smell the leather and my stocking feet. I am going to give you a view of my ass in these pantyhose before I take then off for you. Enjoy my superior body in these coffee color nylons.

Charlotte Stokely

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Shoes and PantyhosePantyhose Fetish Shoes and Pantyhose Pantyhose Ass Pantyhose Feet

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Office Shoe Sniffer (1080 HD)

Welcome to your new job at Charlotte Stokely Inc. I don’t have any chairs for you so get down on your hands and knees before me. Let me tell you about your new duties. Take a look at my shoes Do you see these Louboutin heels. When I have business meetings with real men you need to be my obedient . I need to show men in the business world that I have power over you. When I snap my fingers you will drop to your knees in front of everyone at the meeting and sniff my feet. Now the meeting is in half an hour and I need you to practice sniffing inside my shoes Get down on your knees!

-Charlotte Stokely

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Foot Fetish

Kinky Boots and Red Toes (1080 HD)

Mmmm, Don’t you want to touch my black thigh high boots. Take your pants off and enjoy them. Lick them clean stick your tongue out and get the bottoms.. I will just wipe them on your tongue, haha. Suck the heel, wrap your lips around then while the sole of my boot rests on your forehead and stroke your dick. Now I will peel them off, one at a time so you can see my bare feet with a perfect red nail polished pedicure. Kiss my feet and enjoy those toes. Mmmm, just what you wanted you’re a good little foot licker! Gag on my feet, get them all the way.

-Charlotte Stokely

Categories: Foot Worship, Foot Fetish, Boot and Shoe Fetish, Femdom POV, Goddess Worship, Humiliation, Brat GirlsFOOT FETISH

Shoes and Feet Treat (1080 HD)

Charlotte Stokely Videos

Charlotte Stokely Videos

Legs, Legs, Legs for days. Oh and I know how much you love worshiping my designer shoes too! Why dont you settle in with a cocktail and stroke your cock to the visual splendor of my bare feet! But first lick the sole of my sexy high heel shoes. Lick, lick, lick and worship me on your knees. Oh and I know you want to bust your nut on my wrinkled soles so Im gonna pose nice and sexy for you blow that big load on my feet!

Charlotte Stokely

Click Here for the Video! Shoes and Feet Treat (1080 HD)

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My Lips Are Smoking Hot

Check out my hypnotic smoking and lipstick fetish video if you want a big kiss from me!

Click Here for the video:
You Love My Lips (1080 HD)

Image2    Image6    Image10

Charlotte’s Shiny Leggings

Charlottes Shiny Leggings (1080 HD)

Click Here for the video: Charlottes Shiny Leggings (1080 HD)

I bet you wish you could rub your hand all over my shiny leggings. Maybe I’ll come closer and you can rub your cock all over my shiny ass. You would love me to squat over your face with my ass in these tight black shiny leggings. What would you do for one kiss?

-Charlotte Stokely

Franks Panty Tease

Franks Panty Tease (1080 HD)

A Paid 15 minute Custom Video. Hi Frank, do you like my pretty pink dress and high heels? What??? You want to see my panties? You’re such a bad boy. Why don’t you show me your underwear first? Ok maybe just a peek of my panties. Well, maybe I can take them off and touch myself until I orgasm.

-Charlotte Stokely

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A Strip and Masturbate Spectacular in Heels (1080 HD)


A Strip and Masturbate Spectacular in Heels (1080 HD)

A 38 minute Musical Glam Spectacular! A must have for all my fans in the world! You get to see me pose and strip slowly while you relax and drink your cocktail for over half an hour. Oh yea… the main feature are my expensive Louboutin shoes. I wear them while stripping, posing and playing with my pussy!

-Charlotte Stokely

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Thank You video

Sailor Venus!


The Best Monster…

Check out this article!





scrapbooking flyer

Join me in NY for the screening of “Scrapbooking”!! :)

Fan Art


I love seeing art from the fans! Thanks for all your love and dedication!

Take time to stop and smell the flowers!


Skype with Charlotte! :)


Skype with Charlotte Stokely!!

Skype is easy and fun!

Available options for Skyping with me:

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Dungeons and Dragons

I absolutely love playing Dungeons and Dragons!

Here is a picture from a HUGE battle, we killed 100,000 undead skeletons… It was a LOT of work. Convince town folk to lend us horses for cavalry, ask dwarves to help build boulder booby traps in the mountains in case they moved that direction, keep the elves and dwarves from fighting amongst themselves, cast spells on the holy ground cemetery hoping they cross that way, preparing the bridge with pig fat to burn it down, oh my goodness, soooo much fun and well worth it, TOTALLY SLAUGHTERED THOSE FOOLS!


Custom Videos, what’s your fantasy?

American Apparel keeping things sexy in America!


How long I have been modeling for American Apparel? Since about the year 2007.

See me on billboards, big rigs, magazines, t-shirts and more world wide. There are 260 stores worldwide in 19 countries!!

If you come across an advertisement of me for them, take a photo and send it to me, I would love to add to my collection.

Here are some of my favorite Ads…








100 Reasons I am Smiling

I’ve decided to share with you 100 things and reasons I am happy or smiling. These are NOT LISTED in order of importance!

1- Kidden (my baby girl kitty)
2- My Blue Velvet blanket on my bed
3- Bubble Baths
4- The rosey pink colour of my nipples
5- Kissing (Kiss for you ! )
6- Smell of fresh baked bread
7- My Birthday
8- Painting
9- Seeing people do acts of kindness
10- Blue Planet TV Show
11- Looking at the stars
12- Learning something new
13- Traveling somewhere I have never been
14- Snuggling
15- Lions
16- Utah
17- Mountains
18- New Pair of Shoes
19- When my flowers bloom
20- painting my fingernails
21- Dancing to music
22- Dancing when there isn’t music
23- Sunshine
24- Savoring a cup of Tea
25- Recycling
26- Bike Riding
27- Having zero dirty dishes
28- Watching the seasons change
29- Rubbing lotion into my feet
30- My squishy fat ass
31- Meeting new Fans
32- Running into old Fans
33- Tulips
34- Turtles
35- Museums
36- Gardens
37- Steam POwered Trains
38- Butterflies
39- Having my kitty licked
40- Brushing my hair
41- Being Naked
42- Honey
43- Baja Fresh
44- Red Wine
45- Spending Quality Time with someone I love
46- Collecting Old Coins
47- Jokes
48- Outer Space
49- Collecting Rocks
50- Feeling your penis grow in my hands
51- Swings, the wind in my hair
52- Modeling
53- Seeing myself on billboards
54- Listening to the waves
55- Camping
56- Rock Climbing
57- Admitting I was wrong, and learning from it
58- Being Silly or Goofy
59- Being Healthy
60- pantyhose
61- Lemons
62- Coarse Ground Black Pepper
63- “Veggies”
64- Cheese n Cracker Platters
66- I’m self-employed
67- My imagination can take me anywhere
68- When people remember my food allergies LOL
69- 69!!
70- The Renaissance Fair!
71- Watching the Sunset
72- Dungeons and Dragons
73- Orgasms
74- I am loved
75- glitter
76- charity work
77- 80′s music videos
78- “remember that one time…”
79- Reading Books
80- Poetry
81- The geometrical shapes of snow flakes
82- not wearing panties
83- Fire
84- Ligers
85- NES
86- Being Me <3
87- “Medicinal Marijuana”
88- Dumb and Dumber
89- Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
90- My freckles AKA Angel Kisses
91- Being Queen
92- Making other people happy
93- Stretching and Working Out
94- Meteor Showers
95- Stepping on Crunchy Leaves
96- Saying fun words like “Argh” with one eye open and “gee wiliggers”
97- Wandering around outside in nature
98- Snow Angels
99- kitten prr’s
100- YOU <3

See if you can make a list of your own! :)


Kisses from the Red Carpet

Kisses from the Red Carpet

Myself and Tommy Pistol at the AVN Awards Show

Myself and Tommy Pistol at the AVN Awards Show

Charlotte, Reena, Sophie Playing the Slots!

Charlotte, Reena, Sophie Playing the Slots!

Dillion and me being silly!

Dillion and me being silly!

Charlotte and Mr Marcus

Charlotte and Mr Marcus

Chad, Charlotte, Mandy, and Zak... WE ALL WIN AWARDS! ;)

Chad, Charlotte, Mandy, and Zak… WE ALL WIN AWARDS! ;)

Mandy Morbid and I having fun in a taxi in Vegas

Mandy Morbid and I having fun in a taxi in Vegas



Fan Love

Fan Love

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