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Smoking Hot Blow Job

Smoking Hot Blow Job (1080 HD)

What’s there to talk about. This clip includes arrogance, a cigarette, my red lips and a cock. There’s a million scenarios this clip fits. Maybe you want to get stroke just to the visuals or maybe you want to imagine that you just forked over your life savings for a 10 minute cock tease, haha!

Goddess Charlotte Stokely

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Nurse Strips For Sperm Samples

Nurse Strips For Sperm Samples (1080 HD)

We are very busy in the office today I am going to need you to hurry and strip down. Oh and I need to see everything! Oh my, you are already fully erect! This semen sample is very important to me. Sorry we don’t have a private room but feel free to cum in front of me. Maybe I can assist you in some way?

Goddess Charlotte Stokely

Categories: Office Domination, Masturbation Instruction, Nurse Play, Assisted Masturbation, Femdom POV

Oh I Love Big Dick

Oh I Love Big Dick (1080 HD)

I’m gonna show you how much I love your cock by sucking it and fucking my tits with it. Then I’m gonna tell you how much I want it in my ass and fuck my pussy with your superior manhood!

This clip is a straight up video for manly men but I always hope my sissy fans will buy it and copy my technique, haha! See if you got want it takes to be like me as you follow along!

Goddess Charlotte Stokely

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Mind Fuck Smoking 1

Mind Fuck Smoking 1 (1080 HD)

OMG, This is one of the most devious clips I have ever made. I’m literally just smoking a cigarette while I say the dirtiest things I can into the camera with my mind. Since there is no words, you can try to guess what my eyes are saying. Oh and I’m not cheating, I really am saying specific things to you in my mind. If it gets a good response I will do more and then you can have hours of these clips playing back to back on your screen!

Goddess Charlotte Stokely

Categories: Mesmerize, Mind Fuck, Smoking, Femdom POV


I Miss You Orgasm

I Miss You Orgasm (1080 HD)

You’re away on business so I am taking the time to have a little long distance sex. I love you so much and I just love when I orgasm thinking about you! I’m even wearing the sexy red lingerie you bought me.

Goddess Charlotte Stokely

Categories: Pornstar, Masturbation, Lingerie, JOI


Black Glove Arrogance

Black Glove Arrogance (1080 HD)

Stroke your cock while you watch a superior woman smoke a cigarette in black latex gloves and red lingerie. You love it when I tease you in between pressing my red lips against a cigarette.

Goddess Charlotte Stokely

Categories: Smoking, Lingerie, Gloves, Masturbation Instruction, JOI


How To Beg For Cum

How To Beg For Cum (1080 HD)

This clip can be used for Alpha Males that wanna see a pornstar beg for cum.

Goddess Charlotte Stokely

Categories: Cum Eating Instruction, CEI, Pornstar, Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction, JOI

Fishnets And Feet

Fishnets And Feet (1080 HD)

Don’t you just love my sexy fishnet stockings? I know you do and I know you would love to have a closer look at my sweaty toes though these stockings! I know you love my feet in your face while you can still see my pretty face as you stroke your hard cock. And when It’s time for me to take them off you will get my bare feet in your face as you stroke. Blowing your load on my sweaty soles is your ultimate dream!

Goddess Charlotte Stokely

Categories: Foot Fetish, Pantyhose / Stockings, Masturbation Instruction, JOI

Stroking Study Buddy

Stroking Study Buddy (1080 HD)

I’m so glad you agreed to come over and study with me. But studying is so Hard when you’re not on your knees stroking your cock. I really wanna see a hard cock. If I countdown can you cum on command for me?

Goddess Charlotte Stokely

Categories: Masturbation Instruction, Smoking Fetish, JOI, School Girl Uniform