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My Twitter Clip Army Task (1080 HD)

My Twitter Clip Army Task(1080 HD)

I know you think you are too scared to serve me in person because I really do want to humiliate and use slaves for my amusement. But you can just flirt with the idea from a safe distance by being my online slave. Figure out how to retweet and promote my social media and the email me after you have done or for a week or so, then I can check on your work.

Goddess Charlotte Stokely

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Pay Per Lick (1080 HD)

Pay Per Lick (1080 HD)

Your gonna pay dearly and all your gonna get is to watch me eat a popsicle. Every lick is going to cost you… Your money tastes delicious. Nothing is more orgasmic than your bank account melting away as fast as this ice cream.

This is not a humiliation clip.

Goddess Charlotte Stokely

Categories: Financial Domination, Findom, Female Domination, Femdom POV, Goddess Worship, Latex

Blackmailed By Superior Feet

Blackmailed By Superior Feet (1080 HD)

You’re sitting home jerking off to my feet because you want the best foot orgasm of your life. I want you to get a closer look as I drive you to the edge. Oh, and because I want you to have the best orgasm possible, I’m willing to let you use the email in this video to send me your blackmail information. Knowing that my feet drove you to ruin is the biggest complement I can have. My wrinkled soles get you so hard and you want to show me that my little toes can destroy your whole life.

Charlotte Stokely

Categories: Foot Fetish, Masturbation Instruction, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Humiliation, Masturbation Humiliation, Foot Worship, Blackmail Fantasy.

Blackmailed By My Black Ass

Blackmailed By My Black Ass (1080 HD)

My ass makes you wanna stroke your cock so fucking hard! What turns you on more… My shiny leggings or the fact that I could make you do anything for me? I’m gonna ruin you by making you get so on edge that you send me all kinds of blackmail info! Oh tell me more secrets, baby, haha! The more you tell me the harder your cock gets! You secretly want me to do this to you! You want to be ruined by my black ass!

Charlotte Stokely

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Bossy Finger Snapping

Bossy Finger Snapping (1080 HD)

I have the power to snap my fingers and drain your wallet. I just have a very bad attitude and you get so hard hearing me snap at you like the boss that I am. I’ll burn through this cigarette with the same bratty attitude that I drain your bank account. Oh and I guess you need all this to drain your balls, haha!

Charlotte Stokely

Categories: Financial Domination, Humiliation, Smoking, Brat Girls

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